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eDiscovery pricing has historically been complicated and arbitrary. On top of per-gigabyte costs or per-service pricing for ingestion, conversion, processing, analytics, Bates numbering, production, and storage, there are additional fees for user licenses and other surprises that can wreck not just your ediscovery budget but also wreak havoc on your bottom line.

There has to be a better way, right?

At Now Discovery, we considered the options and decided to turn the traditional pricing for ediscovery on its head. With our launch of Lumix, there are no more fees per project, per matter, per client, or per anything. We now charge one fee for ALL of the data for an entire organization. (OK, I guess it’s a per-organization fee).

Here’s what that means for you.

What Does Our Subscription-Based Pricing Look Like in Practice?

Our fees start at $0. Yes, you read that right: ZERO. If you store up to 10 GB of data in your system, your fee for ediscovery is $0 for unlimited users. That isn’t just free storage: that’s free ingestion, early case assessment, processing, review, and production. It’s free-everything related to your ediscovery project.

But what if you have a larger project that’s 300 GB? If you process all of that 300 GB in our system but find that only 10 GB of that data is useful and must be stored, you get to keep that in Lumix for free too. If you end up storing 100 GB, then your fee for every aspect of ediscovery—and an unlimited number of users—is just $2,500. 

There are no hidden extra charges, no data type or volume premiums, no maintenance fees, and no add-on service costs. You get fixed pricing for every ediscovery capability you need for a successful project—at a predictable price that makes it easy for you to manage your ediscovery budget.

The Benefits of Subscription-Based Pricing for eDiscovery

We know that not all ediscovery matters involve terabytes of data and that not all law firms, government agencies, and organizations have a massive budget. (Quite frankly, few, if any, still have a budget for excessive ediscovery charges since the advent of COVID-19, if they ever did.)

We also believe that everyone—regardless of their budget or organization size—should have access to affordable tools and workflows that make user-friendly, capable ediscovery processes available for day-to-day litigation, compliance, and regulatory matters.

Here are just three of the benefits of subscription ediscovery pricing with Lumix:

Predictability: Stop feeling nickel-and-dimed by incremental charges and know what your ediscovery spend will be based on the amount of data you’re storing. 

Flexibility: Move up and down in the pricing tiers as required based on your ediscovery needs. Go ahead and process a petabyte one month, and if you only end up storing 100 GB, that’s what you’ll be charged for.

Comprehensiveness: You get access to the feature-rich ediscovery tools necessary to handle your project, including early case assessment, analytics, machine learning, and redaction capabilities.

Take the Guesswork Out of ediscovery Budgets With Subscription Pricing From Lumix

Powerful ediscovery doesn’t have to have a huge price tag. It’s time to take the guesswork out of ediscovery costs and put your ediscovery budget back under your control. To learn more about our pricing tiers, visit our website, where you can also take a FREE test drive of the Lumix ediscovery platform today.

About the Author:

Hector Corral

Hector Corral

Based in San Francisco, Hector Corral brings an in-depth understanding of ediscovery from 15+ years in the industry. As Now Discovery's EVP, Hector plays an integral role in the executive team by heading the company's revenue and product operations.

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