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Our Tech

We’ve put a lot of sweat into research and developing Lumix so it includes the latest advances in A.I. and automation, but is still easy to navigate. Lumix was built entirely by us from our Phoenix HQ, making sure that none of our code was outsourced.

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  • Document Handling

  • Automation

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Threading & Near Duplicate Analysis

  • Collaboration

Document Handling

We realized early on that providing our users the latest advances in ai demanded a powerful document handling engine, so we made this the foundation of Lumix. From uploading raw data to creating highly customized productions, Lumix was built to make each phase of the process seamless.


From our beginning, we’ve focused on allowing our clients to do more with smaller teams. We worked on combining the strengths of several tools into one platform and automating the phases that move data throughout the eDiscovery lifecycle. Upload your data and let Lumix do the work.

Artificial Intelligence

We’ve geeked out on developing our code to use statistical inference, natural language and human input to learn and assist users in getting them the right documents much faster. And we’re happy to bore you with the details (can you say Latent Semantic Indexing five times fast?) if you really want us to. The bottom line? We’ve created a workflow that leverages tested advances in A.I. and built it into Lumix so all of our users can benefit. You don’t even need to think about it, or worry about it showing up as an extra line item on your invoice. It is all included. No fuss, no muss.

Threading & Near Duplicate Analysis

Email Threading and Near Duplicate Identification are seamlessly integrated throughout Lumix, giving users the flexibility to only focus on the most unique content available.


Lumix was built with team collaboration in mind. Teams can easily be created to control access based on the specific functions of the user. Concerned about the costs of moving data from IT through inhouse legal to your outside counsel? We have a plan for that!

Our Architecture & Security

Infrastructure is our Niche!

We realized early on that the best products will fail when the right infrastructure is not adopted. So we decided the only way we could stand by Lumix was if we owned the infrastructure it’s built on. This meant building our own private cloud. It also meant adopting rigorous security protocols that impress the most advanced Information Security teams out there.

By managing our own cloud, we have the ability to provide the highest level of computing power without limitation. Let’s face it, big data is cumbersome. Our cloud platform was built to solve this problem. Our infrastructure is built on a 10 Gbps backplane. What does that mean? Data moves at light speed. Literally!

More than 200 dedicated servers run our cloud. That is a whole lot of hardware! What does that mean for you? Well, with Lumix Swarm technology in place, multiple servers can run the same task simultaneously, making quick work of your projects and saving you money. Another area where Lumix shines? Redundancy. In the event of a hardware failure, we can ensure all systems remain in the green and operational.

The fastest network in the world won’t help if data storage is the bottleneck. This is known as the app-data gap. At Lumix, we solve this by optimizing Flash, Solid-State and traditional arrays for speed and resiliency. This ensures your data (and time) don’t fall in the gap. Once your data is in our system its encrypted using AES-256-XTS, that’s military-grade encryption. Your data, locked down.

When it comes to maintaining an environment that is two steps ahead of our client’s demands, our “Scale At 80” algorithm is there to direct us. When we reach 80% capacity, our next wave of infrastructure investment is automatically triggered, and in place within a matter of days. You’ll never need to think about it.

We hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to security measures, which is why we follow SOC 2 Type II guidelines and have our certification underway. This certification demands strict information security policies and procedures are in place encompassing the security, availability, process integrity and confidentiality of your data.

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