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At Now Discovery, we set a clear goal: we wanted to simplify ediscovery so that law firms, government agencies, and corporate legal departments could access powerful tools and processes previously accessible only in expensive, complicated review platforms. That’s why we created Lumix, simplifying workflows and incorporating multiple components—for loading, processing, early case assessment, review, and production—into one straightforward ediscovery solution.

Lumix’s intuitive workflows make it easy for anyone, regardless of their experience level with ediscovery, to complete an effective, efficient document review project—all with minimal training. That’s because each Lumix pillar automates numerous critical discovery processes, consolidating them so users painlessly progress through the stages of discovery to review and production. 

Here’s how it works.

Pillar 1: Load

Choose from three options for loading data into Lumix: upload your data through our convenient app, connect over our secure FTP, or send us a drive. Enter a few details about the data that you are uploading, then add the filters you’d like applied, whether it’s date ranges or keywords. The next step is to hit the “Process” button, and Lumix will prepare a review database, allowing you to start your ediscovery project almost instantly while reducing the risk of data spoliation.

Pillar 2: Assess

Lumix allows you to quickly uncover hidden patterns and unseen trends in your data. It also puts essential tools for identifying groups of documents at your fingertips, so you can organize them for a faster, more streamlined review. Apply the advanced features in our filtering toolkit, macro to micro drill down features, and our conversation parser, so you can even more rapidly identify the documents critical to your project.

Pillar 3: Organize

Lumix makes it easy to decide the best way to organize your documents for review. Analytics and machine learning are built into our app, continually learning about your document collection. Our AI-powered document assigner prioritizes and assigns new documents based on their content and human coding decisions. 

Pillar 4: Review 

Whether your data collection encompasses hundreds or millions of documents, Lumix’s review features will accelerate your results. Our app simplifies the processes of applying filters, identifying related documents, mass tagging items, and redacting sensitive and confidential information. When your reviewers finish a document set, Lumix’s document assigner automatically assigns them the next batch in the queue.

Pillar 5: Produce

Production is a breeze in Lumix: users can create a highly customized production set in mere minutes. Quality control checks are built in to ensure no document is left unturned, and the transparency of our platform means you’ll always know where your documents are in the process, from start to finish. If you run into a snag, reach out to our experienced team of ediscovery professionals, who will walk you through each pillar of our process.

Try Lumix now for free by signing up on our website, and you’ll see how Lumix simplifies ediscovery so you can complete your next discovery project on time, within your budget, and on your own terms.

About the Author:

Hector Corral

Based in San Francisco, Hector Corral brings an in-depth understanding of ediscovery from 15+ years in the industry. As Now Discovery's EVP, Hector plays an integral role in the executive team by heading the company's revenue and product operations.

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