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eDiscovery Doesn’t Stop Just Because You’re Sheltering in Place

  • By Beth Moore
  • March 31, 2020
  • 648 Views 3 Min Read

Let’s face it: the typical ediscovery setup is the opposite of social distancing. Lawyers travel to individual custodians’ offices, touching keyboards, screens, and desks as they collect data from their computers, phones, and other devices. They amass the collected data into a database for a horde of dozens, if not hundreds, of contract attorneys to …

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Proportionality vs Reasonableness in eDiscovery: The Tests

  • By Drew Donnelly
  • May 8, 2020
  • 292 Views 4 Min Read

In theory, the proportionality approach in the United States might be seen as more accepting of TAR or predictive coding: A court might find that even though manual discovery was extremely costly, as the benefits outweigh the costs, it is still worth pursuing.

Ediscovery in North America, Law & Policy

Cell Phone Text Message eDiscovery Request Deemed Too Broad and “Tardy” by Federal Judge

  • By M.J. Moye
  • May 8, 2020
  • 245 Views 4 Min Read

If you want to take a look at what’s on a defendants’ cell phone as part of ediscovery in a civil suit, don’t wait until the last minute to seek it, and perhaps don’t take a fishing-expedition approach to the ediscovery request.

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By Drew Donnelly

Document Shredding? Not with Robust eDiscovery Processes

20 years ago, we weren’t sharing Tiger King memes on TikTok – that’s what group emails were for. In 2002...

June 10, 2020
220 Views 3 Min Read

By Drew Donnelly

Can eDiscovery Tools Be Applied to Freedom of Information Processes?

“A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or...

June 10, 2020
65 Views 3 Min Read

By M.J. Moye

eDiscovery to Expand With an Ever-Growing Internet of Things

My sister-in-law was showing off her new iPhone when she said, “Hey, Siri, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck...

June 10, 2020
186 Views 2 Min Read

By Hira Saaed

4 Advantages of Using Artificial Intelligence in eDiscovery

In the year 2015, a group of high-profile scientists warned that artificial intelligence might be the last invention of the...

May 9, 2020
148 Views 2 Min Read

By Hira Saaed

3 Challenges in Digital Forensics for Crime Investigation

"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact," said Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective character, Sherlock Holmes. Just like...

April 19, 2020
236 Views 4 Min Read

By Steven Toews

Electronically Stored Information: Easy to Create, More Difficult to Discover

On one level, the definition of ediscovery is easy to explain. It is simply the process of discovery in legal,...

April 19, 2020
296 Views 2 Min Read

By Hector Corral

The 5 Pillars of Lumix: How Now Discovery Simplifies eDiscovery

At Now Discovery, we set a clear goal: we wanted to simplify ediscovery so that law firms, government agencies, and...

April 8, 2020
602 Views 4 Min Read

By Hector Corral

Smart Technology, Smarter eDiscovery: Integrating Artificial Intelligence in eDiscovery

Artificial intelligence (AI) is permeating every aspect of our lives: it’s telling us what to buy and when we need...

January 6, 2020
892 Views 2 Min Read

By Hector Corral

Why Scalability Matters for Successful eDiscovery

One week you’re handling a tiny eDiscovery matter with 5 gigabytes of data for review. The next, you’re swimming in...

January 6, 2020
809 Views 5 Min Read

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