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Playing the Odds: Finding the Perfect eDiscovery Tool

  • By Beth Moore
  • April 22, 2020
  • 308 Views 3 Min Read

Lumix offers all users, regardless of previous experience, the opportunity to shine in the world of ediscovery.3

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Can eDiscovery Tools Be Applied to Freedom of Information Processes?

  • By Drew Donnelly
  • June 10, 2020
  • 128 Views 3 Min Read

Manual processes for discovery are costly and liable to significant human error: So too with FOI requests. Applying ediscovery techniques will result in a more efficient and comprehensive response for requesters.

Ediscovery News

Bad Timing Blocks Sanctions Over Discovery in Lawsuit Likely to Revolve Around Bad Timing

  • By M.J. Moye
  • June 10, 2020
  • 358 Views 3 Min Read

Well, Joseph recently found out that bad timing can sometimes work in your favor. While his (and his lawyer’s) bad timing in failing to timely produce Joseph’s cell phone for ediscovery purposes could have resulted in sanctions and the potential dismissal of the lawsuit filed against the hospital, Amtrak, and other responsible parties, such was negated by the defendants’ equally bad timing.

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The Sedona Canada Principles At Work

Law & Policy

By Drew Donnelly

New Zealand’s Hot and Fresh Privacy And Data Protection Laws

A New Zealand Member of Parliament (MP) recently got in hot water for releasing to the media sensitive health information...

July 12, 2020
173 Views 3 Min Read

By Drew Donnelly

(Allegedly) Defamed Dentist vs. Anonymous Online Review

Google has declared on numerous occasions its commitment to protecting reviewer anonymity. A decision of the Federal Court of Australia...

July 12, 2020
109 Views 3 Min Read

By Drew Donnelly

Black Mirror or Not, What Does China’s Social Credit System Mean For Corporate eDiscovery Processes?

The Netflix Black Mirror episode ‘Nosedive’ took place in an alternate universe: Individuals were able to rate all their interactions...

July 12, 2020
155 Views 3 Min Read

By Steven Toews

Electronic Document Rules Working Group: Focus on Proportionality

The Electronic Document Rules Working Group was established in 2016 by the Uniform Law Conference of Canada. The purpose of...

June 10, 2020
320 Views 3 Min Read

By Steven Toews

Canadian Access to Information Requests = Difficult eDiscovery

Access to information requests became a sticky proposition for public health authorities in Canada in the latter part of the...

June 10, 2020
411 Views 3 Min Read

By M.J. Moye

Hague Convention’s Role in Cross-Border eDiscovery Gets Boost with Recent Federal Court Ruling

The Hague Convention’s role in cross-border ediscovery got a boost in the U.S. recently as a federal judge deemed that...

June 10, 2020
360 Views 3 Min Read

By Drew Donnelly

How Will New US Healthcare Data Rules Affect eDiscovery?

Patient data is central to a functioning healthcare system. It is through data that physicians make diagnoses, and patients can...

June 3, 2020
375 Views 3 Min Read

By Steven Toews

A Double-Edged Sword: Plaintiff Appeals Order To Turn Over His Metadata

In Laushway v. Messervey, 2014 NSCA 7, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal considered the case of a bashful plaintiff...

June 3, 2020
270 Views 3 Min Read

By Steven Toews

eDisclosure Basics in Rural Canada: A Final Word

When I was practicing criminal law in northern Manitoba, Canada, we didn’t have the benefit of a lot of conveniences,...

May 9, 2020
391 Views 3 Min Read

By Steven Toews

eDiscovery Best Practices in Remote Locations

Last week I discussed a couple of cases that illustrate the obligations of the prosecution when providing edisclosure to defense...

May 9, 2020
388 Views 4 Min Read

By M.J. Moye

Cell Phone Text Message eDiscovery Request Deemed Too Broad and “Tardy” by Federal Judge

If you want to take a look at what’s on a defendants’ cell phone as part of ediscovery in a...

May 8, 2020
312 Views 4 Min Read

By M.J. Moye

COVID-19 Privacy Legislation Brings Challenges to eDiscovery

As if ediscovery practitioners and ESI (electronically stored information) compliance managers don’t already have enough data privacy concerns to contend...

May 8, 2020
424 Views 4 Min Read

By Drew Donnelly

Pyrrho and the Evidence for Predictive Coding

The ancient Greek sceptic, Pyrrho of Elis (c. 360 – c. 270 BCE), was the first philosopher to emphasize the...

May 8, 2020
369 Views 4 Min Read

By Drew Donnelly

Proportionality vs Reasonableness in eDiscovery: The Tests

"In law, nothing is certain but the expense" – Samuel Butler.  The cost of civil litigation has an outsized impact...

May 8, 2020
393 Views 4 Min Read

By Drew Donnelly

Kim Dotcom and eDiscovery in New Zealand. What’s the connection?

This man has been referred to as the ‘El Chapo’ of illegal file sharing.  He has been fighting extradition from...

May 8, 2020
343 Views 3 Min Read

By M.J. Moye

Don’t Forget Videoconferencing: Your eDiscovery Responsibilities

Companies around the world have rapidly adopted video conferencing as an important tool to maintain communications and workflow during the...

April 28, 2020
409 Views 3 Min Read

By M.J. Moye

How will eDiscovery Work With Lawsuits Challenging China’s COVID-19 Response?

While the personal, social, and economic costs ensuing from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may be almost unfathomable, that’s certainly not...

April 22, 2020
300 Views 4 Min Read

By Drew Donnelly

What Your Purchasing Habits (Don’t) Have To Do With eDiscovery

New Data Protection Laws and Global eDiscovery “After a while you learn that privacy is something you can sell, but...

April 19, 2020
393 Views 3 Min Read

By M.J. Moye

The Challenges of Cross-Border eDiscovery and Information Governance

You love the ease of use and intuitiveness of Now Discovery’s Lumix platform for processing the legal review of data,...

April 15, 2020
405 Views 3 Min Read

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