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eDiscovery to Expand With an Ever-Growing Internet of Things

  • By M.J. Moye
  • June 10, 2020
  • 185 Views 2 Min Read

One of the earliest criminal cases to bring in Siri as a witness involved a 2012 murder in which investigators found that the prime suspect made the Siri query of “I need to hide my roommate."

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Hague Convention’s Role in Cross-Border eDiscovery Gets Boost with Recent Federal Court Ruling

  • By M.J. Moye
  • June 10, 2020
  • 52 Views 3 Min Read

The Hague Convention’s role in cross-border ediscovery got a boost in the U.S. recently as a federal judge deemed that Hague Convention procedures hold equal footing with discovery rules in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

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A Double-Edged Sword: Plaintiff Appeals Order To Turn Over His Metadata

  • By Steven Toews
  • June 3, 2020
  • 159 Views 3 Min Read

In Laushway v. Messervey, 2014 NSCA 7, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal considered the case of a bashful plaintiff appealing a production order requiring him to produce his hard drives for metadata examination by the defendant.

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Tips, Trends & Best Practices

By Drew Donnelly

Document Shredding? Not with Robust eDiscovery Processes

20 years ago, we weren’t sharing Tiger King memes on TikTok – that’s what group emails were for. In 2002...

June 10, 2020
220 Views 3 Min Read

By Steven Toews

The Importance of a Solid Information Governance Framework

Without a comprehensive information governance framework, an organization is flying blind. A lack of coherent rules and guidelines for how...

April 27, 2020
367 Views 3 Min Read

By Steven Toews

The Purpose of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model, or just the “EDRM” for short, is a fantastic place to begin if you’re just...

April 27, 2020
153 Views 3 Min Read

By Beth Moore

Playing the Odds: Finding the Perfect eDiscovery Tool

Eenie meenie miney mo…  I’ll assume you know the rest. Yes, I still use  nursery rhymes to help me make...

April 22, 2020
250 Views 3 Min Read

By Hector Corral

Subscription-Based Pricing and Why eDiscovery Needs It

eDiscovery pricing has historically been complicated and arbitrary. On top of per-gigabyte costs or per-service pricing for ingestion, conversion, processing,...

April 13, 2020
383 Views 3 Min Read

By Beth Moore

eDiscovery Doesn’t Stop Just Because You’re Sheltering in Place

Let’s face it: the typical ediscovery setup is the opposite of social distancing. Lawyers travel to individual custodians’ offices, touching...

March 31, 2020
647 Views 3 Min Read

By Beth Moore

How a Legal Tech Newbie Learned to Process Data in 10 Minutes

My entry into ediscovery wasn’t very graceful. I was a gemologist who only spoke diamonds for 17 years. But upon...

March 9, 2020
962 Views 3 Min Read

By Hector Corral

What Is the EDRM, and Why Does it Matter for eDiscovery?

In the early 2000s, eDiscovery was still the Wild West. Before the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were amended in...

January 6, 2020
899 Views 5 Min Read

By Hector Corral

10 Steps to Prepare You for a Rule 26(f) eDiscovery Conference

Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(f) requires parties to litigation to meet-and-confer early in a case—the rule’s language specifies “as...

January 6, 2020
876 Views 8 Min Read

By Hector Corral

Why Scalability Matters for Successful eDiscovery

One week you’re handling a tiny eDiscovery matter with 5 gigabytes of data for review. The next, you’re swimming in...

January 6, 2020
809 Views 5 Min Read

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