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The 5 Pillars of Lumix: How Now Discovery Simplifies eDiscovery

  • By Hector Corral
  • April 8, 2020
  • 1015 Views 4 Min Read

At Now Discovery, we set a clear goal: we wanted to simplify ediscovery so that law firms, government agencies, and corporate legal departments could access powerful tools and processes previously accessible only in expensive, complicated review platforms. That’s why we created Lumix, simplifying workflows and incorporating multiple components—for loading, processing, early case assessment, review, and …

Law & Policy, Tips, Trends & Best Practices

Spiders In Your Docs? Removing Bugs In Full Compliance With Discovery Rules

  • By Drew Donnelly
  • August 11, 2020
  • 125 Views 3 Min Read

When electronically stored information (ESI) is collated for discovery, either manually, or via an automated ediscovery process, it is possible that some documents may have been corrupted. This may be due to bugs...

Around the World, Law & Policy

The Challenges of Cross-Border eDiscovery and Information Governance

  • By M.J. Moye
  • April 15, 2020
  • 487 Views 3 Min Read

You love the ease of use and intuitiveness of Now Discovery’s Lumix platform for processing the legal review of data, but what if you need to conduct some cross-border ediscovery? “Sacré Bleu!” “Ach, nee!”  “Oddio!” Right, language may serve up some challenges in cross-border ediscovery processing, but overcoming potential jurisdictional hurdles, as well as variations …

Ediscovery in Canada

By Steven Toews

R. v. Vickerson – Discovery in Criminal Law

Continuing my look at discovery in criminal law, we come to this next, more current, case. In R. v. Vickerson,...

July 12, 2020
327 Views 2 Min Read

By Steven Toews

Computer Discovery – The “I Don’t Have a Computer” Argument

In R. v. Cheung, 2000 ABPC 86, thirty-four accused were charged with participating in a criminal organization and conspiracy to...

July 12, 2020
463 Views 2 Min Read

By Steven Toews

R. v. Cheung – An Early Electronic Discovery Nightmare

In R. v. Cheung, 2000 ABPC 86, 34 accused were jointly charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offense and...

July 12, 2020
385 Views 2 Min Read

By Steven Toews

Electronic Discovery in Criminal Cases, a Problematic Undertaking

Electronic discovery in criminal cases has long been a problematic undertaking for prosecution services and police departments across Canada. My...

July 12, 2020
300 Views 2 Min Read

By Steven Toews

Help me, I’m Stubborn: A (Misguided) Request for Paper Disclosure

In R. v. Piaskowski et al, 2007 MBQB 68, the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench was confronted with an extraordinary...

June 10, 2020
644 Views 2 Min Read

By Steven Toews

Electronic Document Rules Working Group: Focus on Proportionality

The Electronic Document Rules Working Group was established in 2016 by the Uniform Law Conference of Canada. The purpose of...

June 10, 2020
415 Views 3 Min Read

By Steven Toews

Canadian Access to Information Requests = Difficult eDiscovery

Access to information requests became a sticky proposition for public health authorities in Canada in the latter part of the...

June 10, 2020
569 Views 3 Min Read

By Steven Toews

A Double-Edged Sword: Plaintiff Appeals Order To Turn Over His Metadata

In Laushway v. Messervey, 2014 NSCA 7, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal considered the case of a bashful plaintiff...

June 3, 2020
359 Views 3 Min Read

By Steven Toews

eDisclosure Basics in Rural Canada: A Final Word

When I was practicing criminal law in northern Manitoba, Canada, we didn’t have the benefit of a lot of conveniences,...

May 9, 2020
473 Views 3 Min Read

By Steven Toews

eDiscovery Best Practices in Remote Locations

Last week I discussed a couple of cases that illustrate the obligations of the prosecution when providing edisclosure to defense...

May 9, 2020
479 Views 4 Min Read

By Steven Toews

Challenging Inadequate eDisclosure Systems in Canada

Last week, I mentioned that the edisclosure system we utilized at the Crown’s office in northern Manitoba was likely inadequate....

May 8, 2020
420 Views 4 Min Read

By Steven Toews

eDisclosure in the 19th Century: Welcome to Manitoba

My History Between the years 2012 and 2018 I worked mostly as a Crown Attorney in northern Manitoba, Canada. Crown...

May 8, 2020
442 Views 4 Min Read

By Steven Toews

The Sedona Canada Principles At Work

The Sedona Canada Principles are the Canadian version of the Sedona Principles commonly used in the United States. Simply put,...

April 13, 2020
532 Views 4 Min Read

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