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Buried in mountains of big data, and not sure where to start?

Discover the power of Lumix to save you time and money.  As a leading ediscovery solution for investigations, our team is ready to get you started today.

  • Lumix automatically prioritizes relevant documents buried in mountains of big data.
  • Get to what’s substantive sooner. Stop wasting time on irrelevant information and focus on what matters.
  • Lumix delivers the power of machine learning and predictive analysis in an affordable and simple way. Gone are the days of large and expensive document reviews.
  • Load

  • Assess

  • Organize

  • Review

  • Produce

Loading Your Data

Clients can upload data through the app, over a secure FTP, or ship a drive. After filling out a quick instruction form, LOAD automates processing the data and prepares your workspace.

Assess Your Data

Once the workspace is created, Lumix uses advanced tools to identify document groups and to uncover hidden patterns and trends in data, so users quickly understand the issues in a matter and can drill down to the most important documents.

Organize Your Data

Lumix continuously assigns documents to reviewers applying analytics and machine learning to study the document collection, prioritizing and assigning documents based on their content and human coding decisions.

Review Your Data

Clients accelerate document REVIEW by applying filters, identifying related documents, mass tagging, and redacting confidential, privileged, and other sensitive information.

Produce Your Data

Ready to PRODUCE? Lumix creates customized production sets in minutes, with quality control checks built in, ensuring no step is missed.

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Thank you for all the support over the last few days. Lumix has been a very positive experience. Jada Jada Paralegal
Within an hour of uploading my project data, I was able to produce my first volume - very impressive. David David Partner
We could have never completed this project on budget without Lumix. Thank you for all your help. Lindsay Lindsay Associate

A secure edicovery platform, you can trust

You’re in good company with Lumix. Know your data is safe and secure.

Join other leading corporations and U.S. government agencies who use Lumix. Lumix runs on a proprietary private could with a rigorous security protocol. The cornerstone of litigation and discovery process. You can sleep well at night with Lumix.

By managing our own cloud, we have the ability to provide the highest level of computing power without limitation. Let’s face it, big data is cumbersome. Our cloud platform was built to solve this problem. Our infrastructure is built on a 10 Gbps backplane. What does that mean? Data moves at light speed. Literally!

More than 200 dedicated servers run our cloud. That is a whole lot of hardware! What does that mean for you? Well, with Lumix Swarm technology in place, multiple servers can run the same task simultaneously, making quick work of your projects and saving you money. Another area where Lumix shines? Redundancy. In the event of a hardware failure, we can ensure all systems remain in the green and operational.

The fastest network in the world won’t help if data storage is the bottleneck. This is known as the app-data gap. At Lumix, we solve this by optimizing Flash, Solid-State and traditional arrays for speed and resiliency. This ensures your data (and time) don’t fall in the gap. Once your data is in our system its encrypted using AES-256-XTS, that’s military-grade encryption. Your data, locked down.

When it comes to maintaining an environment that is two steps ahead of our client’s demands, our “Scale At 80” algorithm is there to direct us. When we reach 80% capacity, our next wave of infrastructure investment is automatically triggered, and in place within a matter of days. You’ll never need to think about it.

We hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to security measures, which is why we follow SOC 2 Type II guidelines and have our certification underway. This certification demands strict information security policies and procedures are in place encompassing the security, availability, process integrity and confidentiality of your data.

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